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Flightmaster Entertainment Company Presents:
Takeoff today in an aircraft flight simulator! Fasten your seatbelts in a realistic aircraft cockpit with functioning controls and instruments. Enjoy realistic visuals on the projected display. Whether you are a novice or a licensed commercial pilot, you will enjoy the thrill of flying in more than a dozen different aircrafts over a wide variety of landscapes.

Who doesn't like good catering services no matter what the occasion is? We all love exquisite catering services especially if you are being offered palatable cuisines and drinks. The only problem is that not many companies or restaurants are able to offer a client this magnificent services that will all need. The demand for such services is usually high but still the services we get is still substandard. In Calgary, there are companies and restaurants that offer exquisite catering services. These restaurants have made the catering prices Calgary to be very affordable.

In this article, we're going to discuss some of the prices for catering you can get in the restaurants and companies that offers catering services in Calgary. These services and prices are unmatched and unrivalled in terms of quality of service.

Many companies and restaurants have mastered the art of catering especially in weddings, outdoor and indoor services in Calgary. Some of the buffet they offer include prime rib beef buffet, boneless chicken mushroom sauce, salmon fillet sauce, roast turkey dressing buffet, pineapple baked ham buffet and Alberta own roast beef buffet. All of these buffets are at a reasonable and affordable prices.

When these buffets are offered, they come in a package which has ice on every table, water glasses, wine glasses, cutlery and real china porcelain bowels.

If you want catering service that is filled with professional and exceptional catering services coupled with outstanding experience with a variety of informal and formal environments, there are many companies and restaurants that offer catering services at affordable prices in Calgary. These companies will make your wedding a moment to remember, they will create the perfect address and menu for your visitors and guests.

Furthermore, they will bring with them food of the highest quality for any time during the day on your wedding. Not only will they bring with them exquisite food but also they will bring awesome and delicious dessert for your guests. If you are on a tight budget, contract any of the companies in Calgary because they have the most affordable prices in Calgary.

These awesome and magnificent companies offer distinctive catering making the occasion you contract them to give catering services be distinct, magnificent and one of a kind occasion. They offer seasonal catering, event catering, corporate catering and wedding catering hence they cater for all your needs when you contract them.

There are many companies and restaurants in Calgary that offer unmatched and unrivalled catering services at prices that are pocket friendly and affordable to many people.

Captain's Flight

Learn from an expert while YOU get to be a Captain for a day (with Captain Val as your CO-pilot)! Take an instructional flight with Captain Val.

Private one-hour flight simulator sessions (a full hour of flight) are offered. Choose from a variety of aircrafts, destinations, and weather conditions to get the most realistic flight experience. The simulator is an authentic cockpit used to train pilots (all gauges, shifters, buttons, and knobs are genuine aircraft parts).With the Captain's Flight, you will learn the dynamics of take-off and landing!

Fly to your dream destination! You could try: London to Paris (Boeing 737), Geneva to Milan (Learjet 45), Los Angeles to Santa Barbara (Boeing 737), or Toronto to New York (Fighter Jet F-18).

DISNEY's 'Planes' Giveaway Contest

Flightmaster Entertainment is a proud sponsor
of DISNEY's 'Planes' Giveaway Contest.
Flightmaster's aircraft flight simulator places you in a real cockpit with fully functioning controls and modern navigation aids- the closest experience to flying while still on the ground! Choose from a multitude of different aircrafts and fly to your desired destination.

The flight simulator experience is available for individuals, groups, birthday parties, and corporate events. It is simple enough for kids to fly yet sophisticated enought to challenge an experienced pilot! What makes Flightmaster's Professional Flight Simulator better than arcade games? The attention to details; it is an ACTUAL airplane cockpit with a full instrumental panel that allows the individual to navigate the plane! In the past, only pilots have had the opportunity to practice flying the Professional Flight Simulator. Now, thanks to Flightmaster, people of all ages have the ability to fly without even leaving the ground!

Cost: $135.00 for a one-hour flight experience (for two people)
Call to reserve two pilot seats for you and a friend (by appointment only).

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